Our Story.

We’re Aaron and Carter - two guys with a passion for branding and design. We founded Homme Fatale in 2017 for people like us.

Guys who appreciate clean design and masculine scents. Our mission was to make a curated lifestyle attainable with candles that are not only smart looking, but affordable.  After all, you’re a dude, and we think your home should smell like one.


The Brand.

Homme Fatale is for every man that strives to be anything but the everyman. Think of the most influential men from modern history. They all had both style and substance. We’re for those guys, and the women (and men) who appreciate them. 

We create scent experiences that pique the olfactory and the eyeball. Aesthetics that scream quiet confidence and scents that produce an air of mystery. All meant to inspire dudes to curate every aspect of their lives, through thoughtfully designed uncommon scents that connect to your true or aspirational self. 

All of our candles are hand-poured with care in small batches in Venice, CA.